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Quimixto Day Charter


Quimixto is a small fishing village just outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which is only accessible by boat. This quaint little village is a great place to spend an afternoon hiking or riding horses up to the waterfall. 

Chica Locca Dos VIP Tours can take you to beautiful Quimixto, popular beach found between Las Ánimas and Majahuitas, by the La Puerta river mouth, in the southern part of the Banderas Bay. The medium grain sand beach is narrow and long, mostly with soft waves, lined by local seafood and Mexican food places where you'll find simple, rustic, but tasty local dishes. The crystal clear clean waters are popular for snorkeling and scuba diving. The most popular  attraction in Quimixto is the waterfalls located about a mile inland following the La Puerta River's edges.

Horses are rented out for those not willing to hike the distance (about 20 minutes). During the rainy season, be sure to be careful with the currents at the waterfall.

Another local attraction is the large variety of sea birds, including seagulls and herons, pelicans and ducks in the river. The surrounding hills offer iguanas, raccoons, coatimundi, opossums, parrots and with some luck even an ocelot or deer.

You can walk into the small sleepy fishing village, a town with about 400 inhabitants that is only accessible by water. Take a few photos of the area, you'll find small stores and stands offering souvenirs, t-shirts, sombreros and other beach stuff. If you look hard enough and ask around you may even find some good raicilla (Mexican moonshine), but drink in moderation!

Quimixto is also a place favored by surfers between October and April, with competitions that are held here regularly.

This is a destination you will most certainly enjoy!