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Colomitos Bay Day Charter


A tropical beach paradise awaits you at the secret Puerto Vallarta beach of Colomitos. 

Playa Colomitos with 100 ft of untouched golden sand, warm water, & some of the best food in the Bay is less than an hour south of Puerto Vallarta. A lot of people haven’t heard of the secluded, practically untouched retreat known as Playa Colomitos. This is  because everyone who knows about it wants to keep it a secret, as if it’s their very own private cove south of Puerto Vallarta. Beaches do not get any better than this! It has 100 feet of golden sand on emerald waters, hidden away where only boats (like the Chica Locca) and experienced hikers can venture. If you’ve got romance, relaxation, or unspoiled recreation on your mind, this is the spot for you. Also, snorkeling in Colomitos Cove is some of the best in Banderas Bay.