USA: 818-213-6589 Office Cell: 322-180-0597 or 322-101-9708 (If calling internationally, dial 01152+1 before the number)
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About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Chica Locca Dos

Our Team

Gil Drory (owner) has hired the best staff available to make sure that every guest will always have the ultimate service and that they would never want for anything while on any Chica Locca Dos Tour.

Our Story

The Chica Locca Dos Boat has been a big project. Gil, the owner bought the boat in July of 2016 with a vision in mind of the fantastic and unique boat that you see today. His patience paid off as it is now a piece of art. Click the link below to see the transformation.


CLICK HERE to see the photos of the Chica Locca Dos Boat Project Development