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We believe in comfort and quality.

Unique Amenities

The Chica Locca Dos has some very unique amenities including:

CRYSTAL KAYAK on Chica Locca

Crystal Kayaks

The beauty of snorkeling with the adventure of a kayak! Chica Locca Dos will be the only boat in the bay to provide these clear kayaks for passengers to enjoy. A fresh new way to explore the ocean below. THE VISIBILITY IS AMAZING! ...and they are strong and very durable.

snorkel mask combo

Full Face Mask Snorkel Combo

One of the most important things you need when snorkeling is to breathe as normally as possible. Chica Locca Dos provides Full Face Snorkel Masks that feature internal ventilation that allows unrestricted breathing. In other words, you can breathe through either the nose, mouth or both.

Chica Locca Dos VIP massage

On-board Masseuse

Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate. Get yourself a relaxing massage while enjoying a boat tour on beautiful Banderas Bay. The best of both worlds. It's the perfect addition to your private charter. Massages are complimentary to all guests. What more can you ask for?

Everything you need to experience the perfect day!

If you are looking for comfort, fun and adventure then you have come to the right place. Chica Locca Tours in Sayulita, Mexico offers an unforgettable experience with every luxury you would imagine. This is a unique and memorable way to enjoy your vacation with family and friends. Nothing but the best for you and your guests!

- Gil Drory. Owner, Chica Locca Boat Tours.